Southeastern Minnesota Suzuki Association

Welcome to SEMSA

For 30 years, SEMSA - the Southeastern Minnesota Suzuki Association has provided enriching experiences to promote the development of musical ability in youth in our community. A collaboration between students, parents, and teachers, SEMSA fulfills Shinichi Suzuki's ideal of the triangle that promotes talent and character among young people. Our organization supplements the learning that students are already doing at home and in their private studios. 

We offer a host of activites for students to be part of. Each month throughout the academic year, students of all instruments attend group lessons where they work on technique, practice their repertoire, and have fun with friends. Every other year in the fall, SEMSA organizes a workshop that we call Gasshuku. At this weekend retreat, students gain additional experienceby working with guest clinicians from around the country, while parents have a chance to participate in lectures on topics relevant to their role as practice partners and guides. The last Gasshuku was held in November 2016.  Finally, SEMSA puts on periodic special workshops like the Improvisation workshop held in January 2016.

If you are a Suzuki student in a participating studio, we invite you to join our organization and particpate in group lessons, honor recitals, ensemble recitals, and workshops. If you are looking to begin Suzuki instruction, see our list of participating studios for individual teachers.

Diversity Statement

For over thirty-five years the Southeastern Minnesota Suzuki Association has been, and will continue to be, an organization that welcomes families of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

During this time when systemic racism and oppression have been brought to the forefront, we support a culture of inclusivity diversity and equity. Musically, listening is an integral part of our teaching philosophy and learning experience. Culturally, listening is necessary to raise consciousness and empathy for undue differences. We endeavor to model respect and compassion for the members of the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

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 Mission Statement

It is the purpose of SEMSA (Southeastern Minnesota Suzuki Association) to help students, parents and teachers grow as individuals and musicians, following the principles set forth by Shinichi Suzuki. "All Children are born with great talent". asserted Shinichi Suzuki, who found an educational movement on this conviction. Suzuki felt all children can develop a high level of musical ability.

Suzuki Talent Education requires an enriched environment and the close involvement of the mother and father. Children learn music the same way they learn to speak a language. Music reading is added when the child is ready. Parents attend private and group lessons with their child, lean how to practice with their child and provide a musical setting at home. Children progress at their own rate, in tune with their own learning style.

The goal to educate the whole children through music, building self-confidence through mastery and successful learning. More information on the Suzuki Method can be found at the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.