Gasshuku Workshop Highlights

The next Gasshuku Music Workshop will not be held in 2021.​

Unfortunately Gasshuku will not be held this year. In lieu of this, two mini-workshops are being planned:


  • Friday, Nov 5- 4:00- 7:30pm

  • Friday, Mar 4- 4:00- 7:30pm

Guest Clinicians

  • Violin/Viola : Leif Petersen, St. Paul

  • Violin : Kamini LaRusso, Minneapolis

  • Cello : Carlynn Savot, Minneapolis


  • 2:00-3:30pm Teacher Lecture

  • 3:30pm Break

  • 4:00pm Group Class

  • 5:00pm Masterclass

  • 6:00pm group Class

For these events, groups will be divided as follows:

  • Pre-Twinkle - Book 1A

  • Books 1B - Through Book 2

  • Book 3-4 with Violas

  • Book 5 + Up with Violas

Previous Gasshukus:

Gasshuku 2018

The Southeastern Minnesota Suzuki Association will sponsor its biennial music workshop, Gasshuku at Eagle Bluff, on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center near Lanesboro, Minnesota. This event will feature outstanding music clinicians for the youngest “twinklers” through the advanced high school students. The Japanese word Gasshuku describes a retreat into nature for the purpose of focused study. SEMSA is especially pleased to return to Eagle Bluff to host this workshop. Eagle Bluff is located 40 miles south of Rochester, MN, in rural southeastern Minnesota, along the Root River. This facility provides a variety of nature education classes in a beautiful setting with modern accommodations. Eagle Bluff was chosen for this workshop because of the natural setting, which contributes to in-depth music learning and strengthens long-term memory in the truest sense of the term Gasshuku. Middle and high school students, ages 12 or older, are eligible to participate in the overnight program. Friday activities include an afternoon Eagle Bluff Adventure Class, music class sessions, dinner, and a bonfire. Complete individual schedules will be provided. Saturday, all students will participate in a variety of classes, to include: instrument sessions, stretch class, music history, chamber ensemble, drumming, rhythm, “Twinkle” class, and nature study. Piano students will participate in master class sessions and will perform in a solo piano recital.

Gasshuku 2018 Theme – ‘Reimagine, Review, Revitalize!’

The theme for this music workshop will center on the concept of obtaining excellence through the habits of effective review. Students and parents will be presented with ideas and encouragement for creating an effective review routine. The theme will be threaded throughout the class sessions. The music clinicians will challenge the students with a variety of ideas and techniques that the students can use to develop their music skills and their understanding of creating music. Eagle Bluff Nature Classes Students will participate in nature classes taught by the professional educators and skilled naturalists of the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. For sign-up and Information packet click here.

Featured Instrument Clinicians:

Faith Farr, Cello

Suzanne Greer, Piano

Rebekah Hanson, Violin, Viola

Joseph Kaminsky, Violin, Viola

Meredith Vaughan, Violin, Viola

Phala Tracy, Harp

Enrichment Classes:

Russell Packard, Improvisational Instruments

Jere Lantz, Medley of Musical Morsels

Jan Matson, Accompanist

Gasshuku 2016

Gasshuku at Eagle Bluff 2016 was held on November 11 and 12 at the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center in Lanesboro, MN. Eleven guest clinicians instructed 100 student musicians, in addition to 60 parents and 10 music teachers. Participating students range from beginning ‘twinkle’ students through advanced high school students.

A teacher forum was held on the afternoon of November 11 for the SEMSA teachers and the Gasshuku clinicians. Three one-hour topic sessions centered on the theme of practice from the teachers perspective were presented.

On Saturday, November 12, there were special presentations for parents outlining how practice changes as a child grows older and how parents can help their child grow into becoming responsible for their practice and musical development.

Our goal for the weekend was for students, parents, and teachers to all discover new ideas, renew musical motivation for practice and the commitment daily playing requires. We believe it was a fun experience whereby students made new friends, developed musical skills, and learned new musical techniques.

Featured Clinicians were:

David Holmes, Cello

Janelle Lemire, Harp

Annette Lee, Piano

Diana Galindo, Piano

Andrew Hisey, Piano Lab

Katie Bast, Violin

Sherry Cadow, Violin

Ute Brandenburg, Violin and Viola

Jere Lantz, Chamber Orchestra

Jennifer O'Neill, Stretch for Musicians

Jan Matson, Piano Accompaniment