SEMSA Group Master Class Mission Statement

 It is the purpose of SEMSA (Southeastern Minnesota Suzuki Association) to help students, parents and teachers grow as individuals and musicians, following the principles set forth by Shinichi Suzuki. "All Children are born with great talent". asserted Shinichi Suzuki, who found an educational movement on this conviction. Suzuki felt all children can develop a high level of musical ability.

Suzuki Talent Education requires an enriched environment and the close involvement of the mother and father. Children learn music the same way they learn to speak a language. Music reading is added when the child is ready. Parents attend private and group lessons with their child, lean how to practice with their child and provide a musical setting at home. Children progress at their own rate, in tune with their own learning style.

The goal to educate the whole children through music, building self-confidence through mastery and successful learning. More information on the Suzuki Method can be found at the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.


Board of Directors

SEMSA is goverened by a volunteer Board of Directors. There are numerous opportunities for parents to volunteer and serve within the organization. We encourage families to contact any of the SEMSA Board members with ideas about how we can better serve our young musicians.

President - Bernadetta Elder
President Elect- *Open Position
Past President - Ángel Falú-García 
Treasurer - Sherry Jester
Secretary - Sonya Demirci
Group Class Coordinators- Coordinator - Evalina Day & Ann Robertson
Membership Chair - Ángel Falú-García 
Fund Raising -  *Open Position
Recital Coordinators - *Open Position
Communications - Elizabeth Mcintosh and Eric Borisch (Website)
Instrument exchange - Eric Borish
Members at Large / Studio Teachers: Linda Thompson, Carolyn Mead, Kathleen Lamb,
Laura Geissler and Ángel Falú-García.

Our History

SEMSA was founded in 1984 by a group of music lesson teachers dedicated to the Shinichi Suzuki's philosophy of music instruction. The intended purpose was for SEMSA to organize events, which would encourage students and their parents and enhance the students' musical experience and enjoyment of music.

The Southeastern Minnesota Suzuki Association is well-established by American Suzuki standards. Teachers here began working with the method in the mid-1970's. A public school teacher, Georgia Daniels, was first to experiment with the new ideas coming out of Japan. In 1984 a group of teachers met to plan a workshop for area music students. SEMSA was formed to secure funding for that event.

Over our 30 year history, we have sponsored over sixty honors recitals, teacher recitals, parent workshops, and field trips to the Twin Cities to hear orchestra concerts and operas. Our biennial workshop, Gasshuku, focuses the community's attention on special topics like the Dalcroze method, chamber music, accompanying and concerti. For the November, 2009, Gasshuku, we commissioned a chamber work by nationally known composer, Catherine McMichael. Students studied the art of composition, composed their own original pieces and premiered McMichael's work.