Instrument exchange

About the SEMSA instrument exchange

If you have an outgrown instrument you would like to list, please send information to Jan Glowacki at  Be sure to include your contact information (name, phone number, email address) and the instrument information (type, size, brand), anything else you are including (such as case, bow, strings), and the price you are asking.

Buyers should always examine and play instruments before purchase. Check with your teacher if you are unsure how to evaluate an instrument.


Violins for Sale

1/4 Violin with bow and case
Unknown maker
Includes bow and student case 
Contact Claudia at 507-202-6925 or via

1/4 Violin, bow, and case 
Nagoya Violin in good condition
Includes bow and student case
Contact Christy at 832-480-3049  or via

1/4 Violin, bow, and case 
Unknown maker and year, but good sound and in great condition
New d'Addario Helicore strings included
Newly re-haired bow; oblong case
Call Joseph after 7pm at 507-252-1428 or email

1/2 Violin with bow and case
Ton Klar violin 
Includes bow and student case 
Contact Holly Gorman at 608-784-0070 or via email

1/2 Violin with bow and case
Violin:  Approximately 100-years-old.  This violin was purchased at Claire Givens Violins in Minneapolis. Crafted in 1920, Germany, this copy of a stradivarius has a lovely antique appearance, a warm and clear sound, and respons with elegant ease.  In 2012 the replacement value of this exquisite violin was appraised at $2,645 and it has probably increased since then. The violin comes with a new set of Vision strings and a shoulder rest.
Bow:  1/2 size D. Chagas 50.0g bow, valued at $550 in 2012.  Recently rehaired at Claire Givens workshop.
Case: 1/2 size Bobelock violin case with hooks for backpack straps (although not included).

My two violinists treasured this beautiful instrument, a wonderful investment.
$3,200 for violin, bow, and case
Contact Julie Ekstrom at 507-467-2120 or via

3/4 Violin with bow and case
Violin by Charles Li 
Includes two bows, student case, chin rests, pink Everest shoulder rest 
(buyer will need to replace strings)
Contact Kris via email at

3/4 Violin with bow and case
Unknown violin maker
Instrument has good sound and comes with bow and case
Contact Jennifer via email at

3/4 Violin with bow and case
Originally purchased brand new from House of Note (October 2015)
Contact Yuning at 507-254-7785

4/4 Violin with bow and case
Charles Li 2008 - Guarnerius Model 280G
Includes bow and student case (and Wolf shoulder rest)
Contact Claudia at 507-202-6925 or via

4/4 Violin with bow and case
Amati style violin made in China 
Includes bow and nice case (violin has new Dominant strings)
$2000 (Valued at $2400 by David Folland)
Contact Char -- 507-288-1053

4/4 Violin with bow and case
2001 violin made by Finn Meyer (Meyer Violin Ship in Minneapolis)
Body, sides, and scroll are maple. Top is spruce from 1942.
The varnish is oil with slight shading of red brown.
Replacement value is $10,000.
The instrument was played in the Minnesota Orchestra prior to our acquisition.

The bow is also made by Finn Meyer.  The pernambuco octagonal stick is oil finished.
The frog is silver inlaid with mother of pearl as is the 3 part butoon.
Replacement value $2,500.

Instrument and bow are in excellent condition. Case is included.
Contact Zoe Cunniff at 507-202-3132 or via email at


Violas for Sale

15" viola 
2003 Eastman viola
Recently rehaired bow,  viola cleaned and adjusted (by John Reed)
Contact Lisa Luetmer at 507-281-2503


Cellos for Sale

1/2 Cello, bow, and bag
2004 cello by maker Shen (carved cello with spruce top and maple back and ribs).
Brazilwood 1/2 size bow
Bobelock cello bag
Selling for $1200 (have original invoice showing the set was purchased for $1500 in 2004).
Contact Jennifer at or 507-287-387

4/4 Cello, bow, and hard case 
Cello, bow, and hard case for $800
Instrument has not been played for many years
Needs new strings and small bow repair
Valued at $1000
Cathy Rodland 507-301-8480



Yamaha U1 Piano 
Well cared for and maintained piano
Contact Sherry at